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Dear Prospective Sponsors, Exhibitors and Patrons,


                  The Connecticut Black Expo has been searching for a new location within the State of Connecticut to host this annual event. At no other time in the history of this country has the need for the Black Expo become more necessary and critical to the needs and essentials of the small and “Little-Known” African-American businesses and organizations all across the country. These small businesses aim to provide vital services to the local communities and that they are ambitious to adapt to our ever changing society. 


                   Racism has reared its ugly head once again within the rank and files of the management in virtually all aspects of the American workforce and workplace. The notion that people who are looking for work has given employers the impression that the unemployed are vulnerable and are desperate to work under deplorable conditions, hours, and under inhumane circumstances contrary to Federal and State labor laws. 


                  Employers also have an unprecedented advantage over new prospective employees that has never been seen before and in many ways mimics slavery. Yet there are thousands of small and little-known African-American businesses and organizations that provide services which are vital to the well-being of the African-American and Black Communities and they are dedicated to the empowerment of groups that are at a disadvantage and who can relate to those current circumstances.


                  The gaps and disparities in the areas of health, wealth, education and technology between the “haves and have nots,” makes it all undeniably necessary for the next Black Expo to take place within urban cities and environments throughout the State of Connecticut.  In The words of the former President of the National NAACP, Kweisi Mfume, "Jim Crow Senior Is Dead And Gone, But Jim Crow Junior Is Alive And Well."


                  As a person who has personally experienced the trauma of losing a job after twenty Years because of racism and because I stood up to fight against racism, nothing could be more of a motivating factor that will encourage all African-American and Minority-Owned businesses and organizations to pursue their dreams of becoming their own boss and take that leap of faith into the world of becoming an entrepreneur without relying on municipal resources.


                    The purpose of the Connecticut Black Expo aims to help all future business owners and organizations achieve their long-term goals of becoming financially independent. We invite you to this event to network with other vendors from all across the country to share our resources and to help each other achieve that goal. 


We Struggle Together, We Grow Together!




Maurice W. Smith

Owner, CEO, Connecticut Black Expo, LLC

37 Blake Street

New Haven, Connecticut 06511-2901


President Barack Obama And The First Family


Still The Most Powerful Networking Tool For Building Your Business!




Providing Exposure To Little-Known African-American Businesses And Minority Organizations!




Taking State And Local Talent To Another Level!.



Building Better Communities

If you are looking to expand information about the services that your "Little-Known" African-American based business or organization provides, then give a booster shot to the African-American Community and make them aware of your particular purpose and cause. The Connecticut Black Expo realizes that there are services provided by agencies that are vital to the health and well being of our community, regardless of the predictions on the U.S. economy.


Our Main Goal Is To Bring These Entities Together To Network On A Scale That Has Not Been Seen In Years. 


The Connecticut Black Expo will help your African-American or Minority- Based Business or Organization to expose your information via this Tradeshow event. Our goal is to provide you with an expanded networking atmosphere that extends throughout the State of Connecticut and beyond, thus increasing the knowledge about your small or large, independent, African-American owned business or organization, and its purpose. The potential for clients and contacts for your establishment at this event can be endless.


Inform the world about your services at the next Connecticut Black Expo!      

"Building Better Communities"

"Building Better Communities"

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